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Jacket Back logo Digitizing

In Jackets back Digitizing we specifically design and digitize logo for the full back or full front of Jackets and hoodies with minimum possible details.  There are various embroidery digitization techniques and approaches highly   depending on location, size and material we going to use, some of which are more complex than others and require a great deal of practice to perfect. It is necessary for the digitizer doing the digitizing work to have specialized training in order to get all aspects accurate without compromising on quality and details. The logos on the back or front of a jacket are larger than other logos and can capture a lot more details than normal logo’s.

Jackets back designs, are pretty much digitize in same way like any other logo’s (excluding hat logos) except that we use a lot of fill stitch instead of satin stitch which are largely use in small designs. If we’re talking about how hard it is to digitize large logo, it’s not that hard compared to small logos because there’s is enough space to digitize even small details , but it takes a lot more time than average small design’s and let’s not  forget we are talking about only industrial trained digitizer’s here. 

An estimated average stitch count for Jacket Back logo having not too much details is between “80k – 100k”. Digitizing time hugely depends on design’s detail, level of complexity and off course the size of the logo. For example, some jacket back logos are so straightforward that they may be digitized in as little as fifteen to twenty minutes, while more detailed designs may require 8 to 10 hours. Let’s say we have a jacket back logo with an estimated stitch count of 150k. It will take at least 4 hours for a machine that does 800-900 stitches per minute to embroider this logo. Now you start embroidering a 150k stitches design, and when you’re almost done, you notice that some of the patterns don’t line up right or overlap. If everything went well on your end, it’s the digitizer’s fault, and you should have hired a better one in the first place. You have just wasted your 4-5 hours of precious time along with material and off course money. Now you know why it costs more. It’s because digitizing takes a lot of time, and a professional digitizer knows how to make sure it goes smoothly from start to finish without any mistakes.

Mostly use apparels for jacket Back embroidery 

  • Jacket Back Logo for hoodies
  • Jacket back logo for Leather Jackets
  • Jacket back logo for Denim jackets 

You are only few click away to turn your best graphic design into a perfect jacket back embroidery logo . Las Vegas Designs USA has worked with clients around the world for more than seven years. So, please get in touch with us as soon as possible and let us turn your idea into a different style for the back of the jacket that shows clearly and loudly what you believe and what you stand for.

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