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Hat logo digitizing

Hat logo digitizing is a type of custom embroidery digitizing in which company logos, monograms, and designs are digitized to be used for hat embroidery. Hat logo digitizing is thought to be a very special and trickiest part of embroidery digitizing since there isn’t much space available on hat for embroidery. Our digitizer use different approach than normal digitizing to make sure nothing goes wrong with design. Bottom-up and center-out techniques are used most of the time and always. If the logo on the hat is not digitized well, the whole design could be messed up.

Types of hats use for embroidery 

Structural Hats

Structured hats don’t fall apart when you take them off from head and stay the same shape. This is because they have back support, like a buckram or a portion of stiff fabric.

Unstructured Hats

Unstructural hat cannot hold its position and its crown falls a little when you take it off from your head. Unlike structural hat it doesn’t have any support in its back.


A beanie is a round, soft hat with no brim or very small brim. It is a stretchy knit cap that fits nicely around the head. It can completely cover your head.

9 most popular hats for embroidery 

  • Beanies
  • Baseball Cap
  • Bucket Caps
  • Hats Dad
  •  Five Panel Caps
  • Six Panel Caps
  • Golf and tennis hats
  • Snap Backs
  • Trucker Caps

Placement and Size for hat logos.

You can embroider on the front, side, or back of your cap and on the front of your beanie. Different size limits apply in each place. Here are some size recommendation as per experts.

Low Profile Hat 

Front    2” h x 4 
Side     1” h x 2.5” 
Back    1” h x 2.75” 

Mid Profile Hat

Front     2.25” h x 4.5 
Side      1” h x 2.5” 
Back     1” h x 2.75” 

High Profile Hat

Front    2.5” h x 4.5”
Side    1” h   x 3.25” 
Back   1” h x 2.75” 

Low Crown Hat

Front   1.75” h x 4.”
Side    1” h x 2.5” 
Back   1” h x 2.75” 

Visor Hat 

Front   1” h x 4.”
Side   1” h x 4” 


  • 1.75’’ in diameter for circle logos
  • 1.75’’ wide for square logos
  • 4 – 5’’ x 1.75’’ for horizontal logos
  • 1.75’’ tall for vertical logos

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You Order is Under Process:

  • 12-24 hours (Normal order)
  • 3-12 Hours (Urgent order)
  • You may inform us if you required any minor modification like colors change etc.

Review Final Work:

  • You may review your work now
  • Approve your design
  • We will send for quality assurance

Invoice and Payment:

  • After you satisfy with our work you will get your order invoice via email.
  • You can pay us via PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Cheque.
  • You can also pay us monthly basis.

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