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Hat Logo Digitizing

Cap logo digitizing is a unique and extremely specialized part of embroidery digitizing. It’s also one of the trickiest processes, requiring mastery of digitizing skills to avoid any mistakes. Any sloppiness in the digitizing of the hat logo might wreak havoc on the whole design. However, the majority of the embroidered caps available for purchase are based on pre-existing designs such as well-known companies, sports teams, or an insignia of some type, but in today’s technologically advanced times, individuals may use Cap Digitizing to customize caps for themselves.
Because of the curved form of the cap and the need to correct for seams in order to achieve that curved shape, cap digitizing is done a little differently. It’s done carefully, starting from the bottom of the cap, with the center out method, so that the completed embroidered design seems like a typical machine digitized design.

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