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Custom Embroidery Digitizing

Custom Embroidery Digitizing

Left Chest logo Digitizing

Chest logos, also known as left chest logos, are usually positioned on the left side of a garment to maximize visibility and exposure while affordably displaying your business’s brand. The entire back logo always looks great with the left chest logo.

Position                              Left/Right Chest

Standard size (In)            3.5” h x3.5” w

Small size (In)                  2.5” h x 2.5” w

Large size  (In)                4.5” h X 4.5” w

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Hat Logo Digitizing

One of the most challenging aspects of digitizing embroidery is creating a cap logo. Either a bottom-up or center-out approach is used. Sometimes, due to space constraints, it’s best to eliminate any small text, thin lines, and extra detail from a logo or design in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Position          Front-Back-Side

Front size        (1.75” h-2.5” h) x (2.5” w – 5” w)

Back size         (1” h -1.25” h) x (2.5” w – 3” w)

Side Size         (0.5” h – 1.5” h) – (2.5” w-3.5” w)

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Jacket Back Logo Digitizing

Usually embroidered with all the details, jacket back logos are full-back or full-front designs on jackets or hoodies. Even a small digitizer error during stitching can result in significant time and financial losses for the embroiderer, particularly if it occurs near the end.

Position                              Full Back /Front

Standard size (In)            12” w x 14” h

Small size (In)                  10” w x 12” h

Large size  (In)                14” w x 16” h

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Applique Logo Digitizing

The skill of applique logo digitizing allows you to save a significant amount of time and money by sewing tiny bits of cloth onto larger base materials. It uses a variety of methods and stitches, such as satin or zigzag stitched after a tack down stitch.

3D Puff Logo Digitizing

By inserting foam, 3D puff logo digitizing, as the name implies, provides your design a three-dimensional aspect. It uses a different method than most hat logos because it is made in multiple stages. A flawless 3D hat logo can only be digitized by experts in the field.

Fonts & Letter Digitizing

The hardest aspect of digitizing embroidery has always been thought to be small letter digitization. Gaining proficiency in small writing is essential to the craft of embroidery digitizing. The minimum font height should be 5 mm or more for legibility.


Custom Pet Logo Digitizing

Custom Pet Logo Digitizing

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Why Choose Las Vegas Designs USA Services?

Explore our digitizing services advantages: precision, creativity, quick turnaround, and affordability. Elevate your designs with our expertise and unlock unparalleled embroidery digitization solutions for success.

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Every single client of Las Vegas Designs USA is eligible for a free quote. The customer can always complete the quote form and email it to us with the necessary information.

Order Urgently

We offer an urgent order fulfillment service for a small cost to all of our digitizing and vector art customers within 3-6 hours for simple designs and up to 12-24 hours’ time for larger designs, depending on the difficulty of the design.

Professional Customers Service

We are here to provide our customers outstanding customer service Monday through Sunday. Calling or emailing us is a convenient way to communicate with us during business hours.

Reasonable Pricing and Quality

Las Vegas Designs USA maintains high quality standards while charging reasonable prices for all of its services. All new customers can request for free trial before placing an order.

Designs Backup

We have a dedicated backup server for all of our clients at our server and you can request any digitized or vector file at any time for up to a year.

Bulk order Discount

All customers who place more than ten orders on the same day will receive a 15% discount. New customers who place their first order will also receive a 10% discount.

Strict Quality Assurance

Since the beginning of our business, quality has been one of our primary concerns; hence, we have never been willing to compromise in this regard and have consistently offered services of the highest possible standard to our customers. If a consumer isn’t satisfied with the purchase, they can get their money back in full.


Artwork & Cut files

Vector Files

Unlike raster files, which are limited to images, graphics, and photos and cannot be resized, vector files are digital files that can be scaled up or down with maximum quality and are used for digital illustrations, sophisticated graphics, and logos. For large-scale printing, embroidery, animation, advertising, and many more uses, vector files are perfect. The AI, EPS, PDF, and SVG vector file formats are the most widely used ones.

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SVG Cut Files

Scalable vector graphics, or SVG cut files, are made to be compatible with cutting machines like the Brother Scan Cut, Cricut, Silhouette, GlowForge, and others. They are formatted so precisely that the machine’s laser and blades follow the exact route that the designers intended.

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CNC / Laser Cut File

A range of materials can be cut, marked, etched, and/or engraved using CNC/Laser cut files. Both bitmap files (one-bit raster pictures) and vector (line art) can be used with the laser cutter. Although EPS, CDR, AI, and SVG are also utilized, the DXF file format is one of the most often utilized and well-liked choices since it is employed to represent 2D shapes in a vector format that maintains distances and layers.

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Premium Customized Patches

PVC Patch

PVC patches, which feel like rubber and are composed of a light, soft, water-resistant material, are a perfect option if you need something durable and robust. Both hot and cold conditions can be tolerated by it. An clothing that is sturdy and attractive at the same time!

Mostly Uses

Hat /Bag packs
Airsoft/paintball teams
Military organizations
Outdoor/athleisure brands
Promotional Products

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Sublimation Patch

Using coloured ink and a fabric backing, custom printed patches can be screen-printed or digitally printed with gradients and other complex, eye-catching designs. Compared to embroidered patches, these patches are smaller and offer a wider variety of colours. This patch appears clean, flat, and smooth.

Mostly Uses

Cloths /Apparels
Blazers/Sport Jackets

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Chain Stitch Patch

A chain stitch patch is made using an embroidered technique in which a sequence of connected stitches are sewed to create a design like a chain. Sewing is always a style. For longevity, special thread made of 50% natural wool and 50% acrylic is used.

Mostly Uses

Letterman Jackets
Fashion Brands
Bands Uniform
Sport Clubs

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Bullion Patch

A gorgeous, upscale, elegant patch is crafted from pure silver, copper, and gold bullion wire. Craftspeople have stitched these patches by hand. It creates an attractive look by combining several colours of silk thread with felt or twill.

Mostly Uses

Military Uniform
Ceremonial Occasions
Fraternal Group
Elite Clubs
High End Designs

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Leather Patch

Personalized embroidered leather patches provide flair and individuality to any coat, cap, purse, or clothing item to which they are attached. These patches, which are composed of both real and synthetic leather, have an earthy tone texture that is resilient to normal wear and tear.

Mostly Uses

Ceremonial Brands
Luxury Brands

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Woven Patch

When it comes to texture, woven patches are smoother than embroidery patches. It has a thin, long-lasting finish and little features. Extremely appropriate for designs where a standard embroidered patch would not be able to capture little text or subtle details.

Mostly Uses

Military Uniform
Sport Clubs
Fashion Brands

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Since Lasvegas Designs USA understands that you have a lot of options when it comes to digitizing your embroidered design, we are providing a free trial of our service, which includes up to 15000 stitches. Would you like to see if we are the service that best suits your needs by trying out our free trial? Enroll right away to work with us to digitize your design.

Following the purchase of one of our services, Las Vegas Designs USA provides a thirty-day free edit to its customers. The size or actual artwork will not be altered during the free alterations.

Any business that wants to flourish needs to provide excellent customer service. Because Las Vegas Designs is aware of this, we offer 24/7 customer support. This implies that you are always welcome to get in touch with us, especially on the weekends. If you would like more information about Las Vegas Designs, please contact us by phone, chat, or email at the address provided. Within the next thirty minutes, a person from our team will respond to you.

We at Las Vegas Designs USA want to ensure that you are satisfied with the product and services that you have purchased from us. If you are having problems with our designs, let us know and we will do what we can to fix them. If the problems continue, however, and we determine that the cause lies with us, we will refund your entire purchase price.

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Invoice and Payment:

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To sign up for an individual account its fairly easy simply click on registration menu and click on sing up. After filling up your required details you will be log in your personal account.

Is it mandatory to sign up for a quote only?

No, it’s not mandatory to sing up for a quote, you may simply send us your query on our quote form and one of our team member will be in touch with you shortly.

What if I forget my log in password?

Nothing to worry about just click on forget password and you will br redirected to password reset page there you can change your password again.

How can I place an order?

You can submit your order through following channels.

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We will send you company invoice onto your email, you may pay through pay pal or any debit card /credit card.

How long does it take to complete the order?

Standard time for embroidery digitizing and vector art conversion is 12-24 hours for complex logo and for simple logo it takes 6-12 hours.
However you may opt for an urgent order with an applicable fee of $5 each logo.

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