Custom PVC Patches

PVC patches are a contemporary alternative to stitched patches.The polyvinyl chloride material we use to produce soft PVC patches looks and feels like a rubber patch, resulting in the most flexible and long-lasting designs available.PVC is available in a wide range of colors and can give your bespoke design a look and feel that embroidery just cannot match.PVC patches are made to order and can endure any sort of weather.These patches, which are generally 3D, give your design a more dynamic aspect.

3D PVC patches may give your design depth and dimension while still being simple to clean with a wet cloth.Mostly PVC patches come with a velcro backing. They’re also quite tough, withstanding even washing machine abuse.These patches are more durable and provide greater definition to your unique design. They’re waterproof and won’t fade, tear, crack, or peel, making them excellent for military PVC morale patches, outdoor use, and athletic events.


o make PVC products, colored soft PVC is put into moulds.Physical moulds are created for each one-of-a-kind design. Moulds are made from metals.You’ll need to make a new actual metal mould if you want to make a smaller version of the same design.Each successive layer is adhered to the one before it, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, cohesive soft PVC object.Patches made of PVC exist in a wide range of forms, sizes, and dimensions. It depends on your preferences or the artwork’s needs. Before placing an order, you must first create your own PVC patch.The following parameters must be considered while making a PVC patch.


You may make the patch in whatever shape you desire, including squares, rectangles, circles, and any other dimension you can imagine 2D vs 3D.

2D designs are flat, but 3D designs are more beautiful and intricately carved.Its measurements ranged from 0.5 inches to over 15 inches in length. There are no size limits patches, However round patches which are generally 3 to 3.5 inches in diameter, and regular flag patches, which are 3×2 inches in size.

Free Editing Services

With years of expertise in embroidery digitization, vectorization, and custom made patches, we’ve established out certain core concepts that set us apart from the competitors, and we’re pleased to uphold our standards like

Colors and Borders

A bespoke PVC patch may be made in a variety of colors and border designs.There should be no gradients in the color changes.

Metal Mould

Once your artwork is ready, we’ll create a custom metal mould for your PVC patches. The mould is engraved using a CNC engraving machine. Each design has its own genuine metal mould since PVC patches are custom-made to your requirements. After that, the mould is polished in preparation for the design. such that the patches are free of fractures, granules, and other damage

Liquid PVC Mould

After the metal mould for the one-of-a-kind design is finished, liquid PVC is poured into it.In the first process, the initial layer of the pattern is poured into the mould and baked to dry it out.

The base layer is poured and baked after all of the layers have been injected and dried. Baking the PVC allows for more layers to be added while also avoiding the mixing of various liquid colors.

To allow the PVC liquid to dry and harden, the mould is baked. After the baking process is completed, the extra PVC on the moulds may be cut.Trimming your patches ensures that they are well-shaped and tidy.

PVC Patch Uses

PVC patches are ideal for outdoor usage since they are highly resilient and never fade, tear, or peel.PVC patches may be used outside since they are lightweight and durable. Because they’re flexible patches, they’re popular on military uniforms, airsoft gear, and a variety of other items.PVC patches are used by law enforcement agencies, outfits, and the military.

Here is some uses of PVC patches

Units of the Military

Departments of Police

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

Departments of Fire


Highway Patrol is a law enforcement agency that protects

Outdoor Activities

Clubs in the Wilderness (Hikers, Bikers, Fishermen)

Free Editing Services

We have been continually employing different strategies in order to ensure customer satisfaction and  the quality of our services, Therefore we offer 30 days free  post-purchase design alteration and format change for digital service product if the buyer’s quality expectations are not reached.

Note: If the original purpose, size, or integrity of the digital design is changed, such as if the original artwork needs to be changed or the original size needs to be scaled-up or scaled-down, there will be no free alterations. A minimum amount will be charged depending on the complexity of modification.

Full Money Back Guarantee

If the buyer encounters any problems with the digital file provided by during the opening or stitching process, or if the buyer requires a different format, will resolve the problem and return the file to the buyer within the time frame agreed upon by the buyer and seller. If we are unable to remedy the issue from our end due to unforeseeable circumstances, the buyer will be entitled to a full refund. However, if the problem is caused by the buyer, the buyer will not be rewarded with a refund. and we will resolve them for you. If, for any reason, we are unable to match your expectations due to an issue that arises from our end, we will refund your money in full, or you may choose to have another artwork digitized or vectorized.

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Las Vegas Designs has always provided top-notch quality, and we have a dedicated Quality Control Department to ensure that we maintain the highest standards for all of our customers.

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