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Leather patches are less common than embroidered or PVC patches, but they have a timeless appeal and look that can’t be replicated in any other manner. Leather patches may be found all over the place. They’re one-of-a-kind patches that may be seen on many articles of clothing and accessories. The most beautiful taste of them all is the look of the leather patches. They provide the clothes a sleek and stylish look. Hats, coats, trousers, wallets, monograms, beanies, and a variety of other things may all benefit from leather patches.

Aside from that, you can make leather patches into whatever form you choose. The most common types of leather patches are stock-shaped leather patches, color-filled leather patches, and engraved leather patches. Like every other patch on the list, the leather patches can be ironed, stitched, or glued on.

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Material Used Tool Used

The materials for making a customized leather patch for a trucker hat are simple to get by. A blank trucker hat, some leather, and some adhesive are all you’ll need. A laser cutter and a digital copy of the pattern you desire on your leather patch are also required.

  1. Leather
  2. Art Knife
  3. 24″ Masking Tape
  4. Self Healing Cutting Mat
  5. Scraper
  6. Laser cutter
  7. Painters tape

Tool Used


  1. Laser specs: 60-watt Epsilon Fusion Edge
  2. Raster Engraving: 500 DPI, 80% speed, 20%
  3. Vector Cutting: 20% speed, 90% power, 60% frequency

How to creat leather Patch?

1st Step
2nd Step
3rd Step
4th Step

Create the Artwork

The shape of the patch determines how the artwork will be set up.To maximize the number of patches That can fit on the material,I usually nest the artwork myself. I also divided the artwork into two layers,One for cutting and the other for engraving.

Mask the Leather

One of the tactics I’ve picked up over time is to use low to medium tack Masking tape that masks the material. It is mostly for keeping the edges of the leather As clean as possible during the laser cutting process. Otherwise, the leather’s face will be unpleasant.

Laser Cut Patch.

Cut the individual patches first after masking the material.This procedure must be completed while the leather is still wrapped in masking to protect the leather’s face.After the patches have been cut, remove the masking from each of these to prepare it for laser engraving.

Engrave the Patches

Make sure that each leather patch is flat on the laser bed before laser cutting.You can start engraving the patches after everything is flat.


Caps, backpacks, trousers, and coats are all embellished with leather patches of varying sizes and shapes. The hand-made leather patches worn by America’s old-school fighter pilots have the same ageless look despite their variances in design.

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